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The Steering Group

Choose Woodbridge has a lively and positive team driving it forward and keeping it focused on its goal to promote Woodbridge and the surrounds to visitors and residents.

The current group is made up of:

  • Chairman – James Lightfoot
  • Treasurer – Kevin Hasnip
  • Hospitality – Garth Wray
  • Retail – Nic Horne
  • B2B – Adrian Melrose
  • Education – Nicola Cannon
  • Health & Wellbeing – Dr Gary Taylor
  • Community Member – Laura Parkin
  • Town Council  – Geoff Holdcroft

The Directors of Choose Woodbridge accepted the resignation of Sam Shutlar as a Director of Choose Woodbridge, effective 13 July 2018.

The Steering Group currently retains the services of PR company Prominent.

This team is looking after a range of activities including the website, all PR activity and social media.