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ArtLib – An Exhibition of ‘PalletteOgraphy’ by Anthony J Mather

Event ListingArtLib – An Exhibition of ‘PalletteOgraphy’ by Anthony J Mather

Come along to Woodbridge Library, to see the exhibition of ‘PalletteOgraphy’ by Anthony J Mather.

It will be taking place from November 1st until November 30th.

Following on from his successful painting and photographic exhibition in Woodbridge Library last year, Anthony J Mather has been exploiting the idea of creating imaginative images via the camera, using editing techniques on screen.

This exploration journey has been quite exciting and very surprising. Some individual photo images have taken at least ten to fifteen separate editing exercises to achieve a satisfying result and each has required its own individual treatment pending the complexity of the original photographed subject, item or location.

‘I have chosen black as my main ‘scaffold’ colour to all images in order to maximise the contrast of the composition and toned the balance accordingly, therefore creating individuality to each separate image.’

‘We often see very lifelike portrait or still life paintings that are almost like photographed images but we rarely see photographs that closely resemble the graphic or free style of paintings.’

Some subjects are local and some further afield.