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Coming soon to the Anchor… Tiffin Thursdays

Event ListingComing soon to the Anchor… Tiffin Thursdays

“Tiffin Time” lunch at the Anchor, come in and take it easy or take it away to chill out at home. We offer a range of authentic Southeast Asian street food from Singapore, Indonesia and Penang served with Curries from Goa and Sri Lanka. For example – “Roti Chanai” crispy flat bread, served with pickles and Malay curry sauce. “Sri Lankan chicken curry” cooked on the bone with the spices deeply roasted to bring out the flavour. “Goan beef curry” sweet, sour and rich with coconut milk, yummy. “Achar Achar” pickled vegetables. “Brinjal korma” light aubergine curry.



Starting from the 15th January every Thursday. https://www.theanchorwoodbridge.co.uk/