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Spirit of Calm

Event ListingSpirit of Calm

A Series of Seven afternoon soiree events on the first Sunday of each month from June to November 2021. Live music, words, film, art installations and more to lift the spirits of Woodbridge and beyond.

Sunday August 1st – Spirit of Calm

Time: 2pm until 5pm

Venue: The Longshed, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 2021.

Tickets: Limited tickets on sale NOW from Eventbrite. Book early to avoid disappointment!

The ambient calming music of the area is celebrated with renowned pianist Tom Rogerson, ambient and visual artist Richard Norris, East Anglian electronics from girl in a gale, artwork of David Turner from the USA, whose mandalas were projected on the tide mill 2018 Beowulf Festival, plus ambient music world artists from radiomothership.com.


The term ‘Spirit of Place’ refers to the unique, distinctive, and cherished aspects of an area, celebrated by artists, musicians and poets with festivals and gatherings. Sadly, most events were cancelled in 2020 because of COVID-19 restrictions.
This series aims to lift the spirit of the community with live celebrations of the arts, history, and music. We thank the Arts Council and local sponsors Mothership Studios, SilkRose SewSuffolk, East Suffolk Council and Claudia Myatt illustrations for their support. All events are Covid compliant with socially distanced seating following current Government Guidelines.
Dates may be subject to change (not cancelled) if required by future Covid regulations.