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Stitchwork’s Teen Fashion Design Create a Capsule Wardrobe Course

Event ListingStitchwork’s Teen Fashion Design Create a Capsule Wardrobe Course

What is a capsule wardrobe?

It’s a few basic items of clothing that you love and fit you and your personality perfectly, these are the clothes you want to wear everyday. A capsule wardrobe is especially great for summer and travelling!

Stitchworks have five 2 day workshops to help your teen create a capsule wardrobe. Three sessions will be working from patterns, one session will be focused on upcycling clothes that are already in the wardrobe to fit into your capsule and the last will be creating a garment from scratch by sketching ideas and then modelling fabric onto fashion dummies and sewing up the finished creation.

The cost for each 2 day session is £75 and does not include fabric. Plan ahead and make sure you select fabrics that work together to create your perfect capsule wardrobe for summer! Must know how to use the sewing machine. Limit 4 students per session.