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Talk by Mia Philips (Well-being Coach & Three Principles Practitioner)  

Event ListingTalk by Mia Philips (Well-being Coach & Three Principles Practitioner)  

Saturday 12th October, 10.15am-11.45am

Join our informal monthly conversations at Woodbridge Library which gently explore our true nature; how to invest in the truth of our experiences, instead of building our lives on inherited, conditioned beliefs.  As we come to know ourselves as the awareness of our experiences and rather than the content of them, we begin to see that freedom, peace, and happiness is the very essence of who we are, not something we have to strive to achieve. In other words, in the experience of “I am anxious…” only the ‘I am’ is truly worth investigating – ‘anxious’ will be gone in a moment and replaced with something else. Finding different ways of pursuing this investigation, more and more deeply, discovering the truth of it, and the impact it has on our lives, is the intention of these monthly meetings. It is only when we know for ourselves the love, peace and safety of who we are, that we can share it with others.

£7 on the door. Please visit www.facebook.com/ccEHWB for more information.