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New public space for Woodbridge given a name

News ArticleNew public space for Woodbridge given a name

A new public open space in Woodbridge has been given a new name.

The plot, part of the development of the former boatyard known as Whisstocks, will form an important part of the new site.

On Tuesday, Woodbridge Town Councillors discussed and voted on what to called the are with name ideas including Riverside Square, Deben Rivers and Whisstocks Square.

In the end councillors voted on Whisstocks Place with councillor Sheena Rawlings adding that it would show that “Mr Whisstock was a part of Woodbridge.”

The decision comes weeks after the council announced that the freehold transfer of the community buildings and public open space had finally been achieved.

Members of the council including Martin Sylvester, Michael Dale, David Mortimer, Geoff Holdcroft and Stephen Attwell alongside mayor Clare Perkins and former Town Clerk Chris Walker had long been involved in the project with developers Whisstocks Developments Ltd. to secure part of the site for the town.

The council confirmed that it now hopes to lease out two community buildings on the Whisttocks site to local groups.

Woodbridge mayor, Clare Perkins said that she was “delighted to be part of the team working with Whisstocks Developments Ltd to secure the exciting future on a site that has been derelict for many years now.”

The scheme at the site has been in development since 2011 and will feature a number of commercial, public and residential spaces in what was the formerly derelict dockyard.