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Woodbridge Tide Mill wins gold level Suffolk Carbon Charter

News ArticleWoodbridge Tide Mill wins gold level Suffolk Carbon Charter

The Suffolk Carbon Charter panel has renewed its gold level award for Woodbridge Tide Mill.

The award was first given to the Tide Mill in 2015 with a 2018 target of reducing electricity consumption by 15%. The Mill has comfortably beaten that target with a reduction of around 30%.

The Carbon Charter is awarded to companies that are monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions; it is intended to provide public recognition of those involved in making Suffolk the Greenest County.

The Gold Charter is only awarded to those whose are “an exemplar of low carbon management”, and demonstrating significant reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda.

The Panel was very impressed with Woodbridge Tide Mill’s creation of a ‘Green attraction’ in Suffolk. Its carbon footprint as a flour mill appears to be less than half the industry norm. The panel were also impressed with the Tide Mill’s links with local bakers and farm shops to help create a local food economy, and their education of visitors on the value and history of tidal power.

Nigel Barratt, Miller and Trustee of Woodbridge Tide Mill, said: “This is another feather in the Tide Mill’s cap. It is a remarkable building that exists purely as a result of tidal power. The beautiful old Mill performs many a useful function in this community including milling flour, attracting visitors to Woodbridge and, of course, keeping us in touch with our heritage. We’re very proud that Suffolk Carbon Charter has chosen to recognise the Mill for its environmental significance.”

He went on to thank the East of England Coop, one of only two Pathfinder Partners of Suffolk Carbon Charter, who sponsored the Tide Mill for the award, some of whose local stores stock Tide Mill flour.