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Take a walk on the wild side in Woodbridge

News ArticleTake a walk on the wild side in Woodbridge

Visitors to Woodbridge at being invited to take a walk on the wild side with a trail of dragon footsteps.

Large green claw prints have sprung up around the town centre to tie in the upcoming Beowulf Festival, a celebration of the famous 7th century poem which is believed to have been composed in Suffolk.

Children are being invited to follow the route – named Grendel’s Trail after the dragon in the masterpiece – picking up illustrated verses of an interpretation of the original manuscript by Mayor of Woodbridge Clare Perkins.

The first 23 children to collect all 23 verses will receive a toy dragon.

Sue Risby, who runs Holly Blue boutique in the Thoroughfare is one of the sponsors of the Beowulf Festival.

She said: “Grendel is set to breathe some fire into the Beowulf Festival while bringing people to the town.

“Bright green footsteps are all over Woodbridge and we have maps to help children follow the path while getting to grips with the story behind this fabulous monster.”

This trail follows the success of the Pigs Gone Wild art installation of 40 pig sculptures which went on display in Ipswich in 2016 and Norwich’s Gorilla Art Trail in 2013.

It forms part of a week-long series of event including a display of Beowulf-inspired art work at the Longshed, story-telling, music and a light show over the river.

Also sponsoring these events is Nicky Risby who runs Ninni Noo clothes shop. She said: “This festival is a superb way for people of all ages to rediscover one of the greatest and most celebrated poems in the English language which is tied in so closely to Suffolk’s history.”

Experts believe Beowulf may have been composed in Suffolk since descriptions of the burials, treasure and landscape in the poem link to Sutton Heath and the burial ship which was unearthed there in 1939.

Nicky added: “The trail is designed to really spark the imagination and engage with the younger audience and we are thrilled to be involved.”

The Grendel Trail starts at Holly Blue and Ninni Noo and winds its way past John Ives Footwear to the Woodbridge Deli, up Church Street to Woodbridge Violins and round Market Square to Fanny and Frank.

It then follows a route down towards Woodbridge Antiques Centre and finishes at the Tea Hut.

You can register to take part at Holly Blue or Ninni Noo from tomorrow.

For more information visit www.beowulffestival.co.uk