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Budding reporters interview journalist for school paper

News ArticleBudding reporters interview journalist for school paper

An experienced journalist who manages the PR for Choose Woodbridge visited a local primary school this week to help their press gang write a newspaper story.

Sixty pupils from Kyson Primary School worked with columnist and reporter Ellen Widdup who provided some top tips on how to put a news story together.

The children, aged nine and 10, looked at copies of newspapers and asked questions about what makes a good story.

The budding reporters decided that photographs and headlines were important as well as interviewing people to get interesting quotes and opinions.

Ellen, who has written for the EADT, The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and The Sun offered the children some first-hand experience of real-life journalism.

Nina Shelley, nine, who invited Ellen to the school to present to her class, said: “I like writing and reading and we wanted to find out more about what a real-life reporter does.

“My favourite bit was finding out which famous people Ellen had interviewed.”

Ellen, who now works as Editorial Director at Prominent, Ipswich, which manages the PR delivery for Choose Woodbridge members, said: “I was about nine when I decided I was going to be a journalist when I grew up so it was very special to be able to talk to this age group about their project.

“The fact that they had so many questions for me and were so confident asking them shows that many of them have all the qualities you need to make a good journalist – they are inquisitive, interested and assertive.

“I will be fascinated to see what they produce for their school newspaper stories.”