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Carnival 2014 Queen of haarts & Classic Cars

News ArticleCarnival 2014 Queen of haarts & Classic Cars

As part of the Woodbridge Carnival on 5th July, there is a Queen themed fancy dress competition which is open to all – men, woman and children. haart estate agents will be awarding the winner, The Carnival Queen of haart, with £500 for their chosen charity!

The deadline for all entries is June 1st . The entry form can be found at http://www.choosewoodbridge.co.uk/carnival-2013/

On Sunday 6th July there is a classic car show on Kingston Field as part of the Carnival. If you have a classic car, bus or truck that you want to show off,  contact Graham Shemmings at:  grahamshemmings@yahoo.co.uk or call: 01473614444