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Old Jet draws in chart-toppers

News ArticleOld Jet draws in chart-toppers

The Old Jet – a disused American airforce base in Rendlesham – has long been a flourishing hub packed with talent.

But now the venue, which boasts offices, studios, creative workspace and the Hush House, a 5,000 square foot soundproof hangar, is attracting some seriously big stars.

They include the likes of Adele, Mumford & Sons, Noah and the Whale and Bastille.

The Old Jet is the brainchild of rock star Jesse Quin, the bassist from Keane.

Although he grew up in nearby Framlingham, Mr Quin chose to make Woodbridge home.

He told the EADT: “The Suffolk that I grew up in was so disconnected to the rest of the world and it was beautiful, but it just felt like if you were working in the arts or music, you couldn’t live here.

“The internet has changed things. Coffee shops in Woodbridge feel straight out of Hackney now, it just feels much more connected to the rest of the world.”

Four years ago, when Mr Quin first set his eyes on what would become the Old Jet’s main building, he fell in love with it straight away.

Although it was derelict at the time, the father-of-two saw the building’s potential, and set out plans to make it more than just a workplace, but a place for creatives to mingle and support each other. It has a shared lounge, kitchen and even a library.

“We hold social lunches, and we try to make it as much about people as it is about their work, because if you do that, then the work takes care of itself,” Mr Quin explained.

The 1,000-acre Bentwaters site holds a certain nostalgic sentiment for the 36-year-old, who recalls visiting it as a child when it was still operational.

“For kids in Framlingham, going to the base was the most exciting thing ever,” he told the EADT. “You’d see the A10 tank-busters flying over your garden and people here driving around in pick up trucks and going to Burger King, which seemed really exciting at the time. It still feels like that now when I’m driving around the base on my way to work – like it’s top secret and I shouldn’t be here. That feeling adds this sense of Old Jet being slightly mysterious, rather than just another business park.”

As a singing teacher, Mr Quin’s mother bestowed musical talents not just on her son, but also on another famous Framlingham resident – Ed Sheeran.

“I remember him always turning up to our house with these little EPs he’d made that sounded like Damian Rice. But really good,” Mr Quin said.

Ed Sheeran is an occasional visitor to Old Jet, and has rehearsed in the Hush House.

Mr Quin is currently transforming one hangar into a new residential recording space, complete with a kitchen diner, living room and four bedrooms.

“The idea is for bands to be able to come over from the States or elsewhere and stay over here,” he said.


To read the full interview with Mr Quin pick up a copy of the EADT today and turn to Page 16.