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Recognition for Tide Mill volunteer

News ArticleRecognition for Tide Mill volunteer

The vice chairman of the Woodbridge Tide Mill trustees has stepped down after five years in the role.

Bob Spillett took up the volunteer position after the Mill’s extensive restoration with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

He has been an intrinsic part of the effort to make the Mill commercially capable of economic independence.

Bob will continue to work with – and help co-ordinate – a busy roster of volunteers who look after the maintenance, show visitors around and keep the Mill open through the season and often beyond it.

Such activity, as well as events such as taking part in the recent Beowulf Community Festival, keeps the Mill in the forefront of visitor attractions.

Bob will also continue to sell and deliver most of the flour produced by the Mill.

He was recently to be seen at the Suffolk Show with one of the Mill’s biggest customers; the East of England Co-op promoting the Mill’s excellent stoneground Traditional and Fine wholemeal flours.

Chairman of Trustees John Carrington presented an engraved glass bowl to Bob commenting his work. He said: “The Trustees are most grateful to Bob for his hard work and dedication to the Mill without which it would not be in the strong position it is today. The fight to keep this symbolic town attraction robust, functioning and solvent continues however and I’m delighted that Bob will remain a trustee and volunteer”.

Bob is replaced as Vice-Chair to the Woodbridge Tide Mill Trustees by John Leming, a Structural Engineer and ex Junior Chairman at Woodbridge Rugby Club.