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Suffolk and Proud!

News ArticleSuffolk and Proud!

I am proud to be a “Suffolk Boy” and Chairman of an organisation that submitted an application resulting in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare being in the final of the Champion High Street in the UK competition.

It is the only town in East Anglia in the Final.

The display we put on when the judges visited recently confirmed we deserve to win. However, 30% of the vote is from the public i.e: you!  I will explain how at the end of this letter. First I will persuade you to.

The Thoroughfare is a stunning street. It has an exceptional range of quality, independent shops. Many has been in the same family for generations. Their pride is palpable.

However when the judges came the Thoroughfare showed that Woodbridge boasts not just a  vibrant but a caring community.

There were, for example, stalls showing the good help we give the young (through “Just 42”) and the lonely, elderly people of the town (through “New Horizons”) backed up by the town’s “memory bike” its aim being to let people “feel the wind in their hair again”. This is the brainchild of last year’s Mayor, Clare Perkins and this year’s Mayor, David Mortimer who gamely gave his support by taking a ride with Clare in his full mayoral costume.

The extraordinary range of local musicians and crafts of the Woodbridge Creative Arts group was on display with the personnel being happy to use their skills to provide therapeutic help for others. The willingness of David Wright (of award-winning The Cake Shop in the Thoroughfare) to pass his skills on to a younger generation is well documented.

The Parachute Regiment based just outside the town kindly showed their support by putting up a parachute across the Thoroughfare that enabled us to say “Please Drop In!”.

Many did.

What wonderful sights they were treated to. These included Sae Wylfing (the half-sized replica of the Sutton Hoo burial ship about to be built here in the traditional manner) standing proudly beside a stall selling flour from our very own working tide mill. No other town can boast such indigenous attractions.


In addition the opportunity was taken to launch next years Beowulf Festival when artists from the Town will again brilliantly showcase the links between the poem and Woodbridge.

Woodbridge deserves to win.

It  would be a proud moment for Suffolk if we do.

Therefore if you would like  to support your County and/or you have any love for Woodbridge (from sailing here or otherwise) please vote for us. You can do so every day until the end of this month by posting the hashtags below on any (or all) accounts you have with Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

#MyHighStreet  #GBHSWoodbridge

Please mind the gaps! i.e: please leave one between the two hashtags but not between the hashtags and the words.

Thank you

James Lightfoot

Chairman, Choose Woodbridge CIC