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Sweet Dreams – Some advice to Gentlemen on buying lingerie…

News ArticleSweet Dreams – Some advice to Gentlemen on buying lingerie…

 A Men’s Guide to buying Lingerie

If you would like to buy your wife or girlfriend some lingerie for Christmas but doesn’t know your baby doll from your teddy then do not fear.

Women love beautiful lingerie and will appreciate the effort you have put into choosing your gift if you remember a few simple rules:

  • Ask yourself a question – Who is it for? 

Are you buying it for you or for her or for both of you?  If it’s the latter then she is less likely to take one look and ask for the receipt and you might even get to unwrap the present!

  • Size – The most important thing to get right!

The best way to determine this is to take a look through your wife or girlfriend’s underwear drawer, just don’t get caught!

The little label at the back of the bra will give you the size, it will be a number followed by a letter e.g. 34A, 32D, 36FF etc. This is her bra size and having this information means you can buy a bra.

If you look at the little label in a pair of her briefs you can then buy a set of lingerie. This is the safest purchase if you are not entirely sure what she will like. Some women do not like thongs so it is best not to buy one if you are not sure of her preferences.

While you are having a rifle through her lingerie you might want to have a look at the colours and styles she likes to wear. If the drawer is full of practical white bras then she probably favours comfort over sex appeal. In this case, giving her a box containing something that resembles red lacy dental floss on Christmas Day probably won’t go down very well!

  • Talk to someone who knows about lingerie

Go to a reputable lingerie shop and talk to the staff, they are experts! Staff in lingerie shops is used to the seasonal male invasion so there is no need to be scared. Lingerie shops fit hundreds of women for bras so they can give you a good insight into the kind of lingerie that women like to wear. You may have a lovely image of something red and silky in mind but let’s be honest, you would prefer her to love wearing your gift rather than shoving it to the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day.

Some general hints

– Get your purchase gift-wrapped and buy a card to go with it. It’s the little things that women appreciate and this will add the finishing touch to your present.

– Last but not least, when you have made your purchase, always keep the receipt!


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