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Why visit Woodbridge for English Tourism Week

News ArticleWhy visit Woodbridge for English Tourism Week

Last year Woodbridge was voted in the top 10 happiest places to live in the UK – and for good reason.

Tucked into one fabulous corner of the Suffolk’s curving coastline, it is packed like a hamper with all the elements of a perfect weekend break.

Nestled between fine breezy beaches and open stretches of wild countryside, this lovely market town boasts dining experiences to die for with a mixture of freshly caught seafood, a rich agricultural tradition and fine artisanal products.

To burn off the calories there are an abundance of scenic walks with alehouses and cosy coffee houses lining all routes. There are little wooden signs all over the place enticing visitors up winding paths, along creeks or the tranquil Deben estuary.

At the water’s edge, near the ancient Tidemill and marina, you can follow a meandering river walk for miles.

Woodbridge also boasts a millennium’s worth of visible history waiting to be explored. The spectacular ship burial at Sutton Hoo – with its tale of kingship, mystery and buried treasure – is almost guaranteed to appeal to children.

The town is also currently playing host to the Medieval Mosaic – a record-breaking replica of the Bayeux Tapestry which is touring the UK.

If sci-fi is more interesting to you than history, Woodbridge does not disappoint either. This is Britain’s Roswell.

In the 1980s US Air Force staff reported seeing – cue Twilight Zone soundtrack – the mysterious lights of a UFO in nearby Rendlesham Forest and the area is still a hotbed for conspiracy theorists and, more recently, fans of Stranger Things.

If shopping is your favourite pastime on a minibreak, Woodbridge is choc-a-block with independent stores.

These cover every type of item from DIY and craft supplies to wool shops, outdoor clothing, boutiques, deli cook shops, tailors, and even a violin shop.

Frequent markets are also held on the Market Hill in the shadow of the beautiful Shire Hall. Seasonal food markets, vintage markets, craft markets and many more supplement the local shopping scene throughout the year and give the local producers an opportunity to meet customers and show off their wares.