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Woodbridge Horticultural Society AGM and Talk 8th February 2017

News ArticleWoodbridge Horticultural Society AGM and Talk 8th February 2017

The new president of Woodbridge Horticultural Enid Castle appealed to members at the AGM to support their organisation by serving on the committee. Currently there are TEN vacancies on the main the main and show committees and without help from the members it will be difficult to run this year’s Flower show. This programme of events for this year will take place but without the help of volunteers the Society will be unable to run meetings and visits next year and after 165 years the Society will cease to exist. Anyone able to help please come forward at the next meeting on the 15th February

Janet Parsons began her talk about Orchids to the members of the Society by showing the audience examples of the three main groups of the species which occur naturally between the tropics. Cool Orchids need a minimum night time temperature of 10C while the Intermediate types require a minimum night time temperature of 12-15C an Warm Orchids need to be kept above 18C as a minimum for good growth. In total there are over 30,000 varieties of orchid around the world with more being produced all the time by hybridisation and micro propagation techniques. The varieties found in most supermarkets and garden centres are of the Phalaenopsis type and require a warm windowsill and no direct sunshine and should be watered only sparingly and sometimes they will need a three week cool shock to start their flowering period. Janet shared with the audience her passion for the Dendrobium type of orchids with her second favourite being the Cymbidiums which can be put out in the garden during the summer. The best compost in which to grow your orchids is based on heat treated bark or dried sphagnum moss, fertilizer should only be applied as a very dilute mixture.

Janet invited those who wanted to learn more to attend the Orchid Show on 25 March 2017 at

St Michael’s Church Centre, Martlesham  IP5 3UY

The next meeting of the Horticultural Society is on March 9th 2017       

“Fragrance in the Garden”

A talk by  Matthew Tanton Brown

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