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Woodbridge schoolgirl makes her pocket money grow for charity

News ArticleWoodbridge schoolgirl makes her pocket money grow for charity

A 10-year-old schoolgirl whose father suffered a massive heart attack behind the wheel of his car has turned her £10 pocket money into £500 for the air ambulance service that saved his life.
Abigail Clack emptied her piggy bank and spent her savings on little toys and sweets for a lucky dip she ran from the playground at Charsfield Church of England Primary School, Woodbridge, for a week, charging £1 a turn.
The fundraiser was so popular she has now raised an impressive £508 for the East Anglian Air Service.

She said: “I wanted to do something to help the people who saved my daddy. I could have just given them my £10 but then I realised I could use that money to help me make even more. Mummy and daddy have helped me out a bit too.”
Her father Tony Clack, 39, from Framlingham, said he was immensely proud of his daughter.
“All of this was her own idea and she clearly has a good understanding of how a small investment – of time as well as money – can make a massive impact,” he said.
“A year ago our lives were turned upside down and it’s been a very long road to recovery. My wife Donna and children Abigail and Liam have been through a lot and we all have a huge amount to be thankful for.”
Mr Clack was driving along the A14 near Cambridge in May 2017 when he lost consciousness and smashed into the central reservation.
Another driver witnessed the accident and performed CPR on him until the emergency services arrived at the scene.
Mr Clack was then taken by air ambulance to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge where he had emergency surgery, was in a medically-induced coma for three days and remained in intensive care for almost a month.
Following his accident, he was diagnosed with Brugada syndrome – a rare genetic condition responsible for 4% of heart-related sudden deaths.
He said: “In many ways it is a miracle I survived.
“I think a lot of stars aligned for me that day – I had another driver who performed CPR immediately and I was cared for by incredible paramedics in a helicopter which delivered me to the doorstep of one of the best hospitals in the region.
“We are extremely lucky to have the East Anglian Air Ambulance which performs daily lifesaving missions and can attend emergency medical incidents in places which are difficult to reach and in situations where time is of the essence.
“Understandably Abigail has become passionate about supporting them and this is likely to be the first of many fundraising missions.”