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Woodbridge Town Survey

News ArticleWoodbridge Town Survey

The Economic Development Department of Suffolk Coastal Council (soon to be East Suffolk Council) and “People & Places” are arranging for a ‘Revitalising Suffolk Towns’ survey to be conducted in Woodbridge Town centre between 15th to 21st February 2019.
This survey is designed to help to identify strategic priorities and initiatives for the East Suffolk towns collectively or on an individual town bases.

The research will be used to support East Suffolk Council’s strategic direction regarding town’s centres and will be used to influence decisions and interventions

The research will seek to consider the themes associated with the Future High Street Fund alongside identified opportunities for securing investment including digital engagement
The People & Places Partnership will adapt its national town centre baseline survey process to help understand the role of each East Suffolk town centres as retail destination and local community hub.
The survey aims to cover but not restricted to:
Foundation (Evidence and Objectives)
Function (Parking, Travel, Access, Planning, Property, Business support, Marketing and Technology)
Form (Structure)
Finance (Planning & Investment)
The evaluation process involves capturing data on Key Performance Indicators in order to understand and improve the town centre including:
Number and Type of commercial units
Car parks & On-street parking
Business confidence survey
Visitor satisfaction survey
However, your views on Woodbridge town centre are also needed. Choose Woodbridge are working with the People & Places Partnership, the Suffolk Coastal District Council and the Woodbridge Town Council to try to understand and plan for the continued vitality of the town centre.
To fill in the online survey, please click this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Woodbridgeusers
(All your answers will be kept confidential and only used as part of  amalgamated analysis).