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Transition Woodbridge

Prepare for a future with less oil and a changing climate

What is Transition Woodbridge?

Transition Woodbridge is a community-led group that aims to strengthen the local economy, reduce the cost of living and prepare for a future with less oil and a changing climate.

How does transition work?

Transition works by bringing people together to discuss the problem and then to create their own collective story of the future they would like to see. A positive story of a positive future that then leads on to positive and achievable local action. Transition is not a set of answers. There are no guidelines. No rigid rules. Every community has to create its own vision and define its own priorities.

What’s been happening so far?

Transition Woodbridge is a group of local people who are passionate about our local area. Previous activities have included:

  • planting bee friendly planters and beds
  • publicised the global Earth Hour event
  • held stall at the Woodbridge Christmas Fair
  • apple pressing at Apple Day at Foxburrow Farm
  • community fruit tree harvesting
  • Edible beds at Woodbridge Library
  • several film and discussion events
  • spring and autumn equinox gigs at Coach and Horses. Melton and Old Mariner, Woodbridge
  • creation of scattered community orchards
  • Maritime Woodbridge 2014 together with river related issues

What are the plans for this year?

In 2018 there are numerous activities planned:

  • scattered community orchard at Peterhouse Crescent
  • promotion of plastic reduction action to make Woodbridge and Melton single-use plastic-free
  • more film nights
  • litterpick “Great British Spring Clean”/Beachwatch
  • further bee friendly flower beds and homes for solitary bees
  • continued promotion of locally sourced food
  • community fruit tree harvesting

What can I do?

Maybe you’re keen on starting community planting, an orchard or food-based activity. Perhaps your interests lie in reducing energy consumption in your home, street or a community building. Whatever your ideas, if they’re focused on making our local economy robust, our communities vibrant and our environment cleaner then why not get in touch: ttwoodbridge@gmail.com.

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