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Monet said: ‘’My Garden is my best masterpiece’’

News ArticleMonet said: ‘’My Garden is my best masterpiece’’

Choose Woodbridge’s contribution to the Car-Free day – Woodbridge Unclogged on September 21st is a Garden situated in the Thoroughfare.

Kindly supported by Notcutts of Woodbridge, who are loaning us all the plants to make this garden possible, Choose Woodbridge’s own garden designer, Clare Perkins, has designed one based on Monet’s quote ‘’My garden is my best masterpiece’’.

The garden will be highlighting Art, Creativity and Attainable Sustainability.

Using a wonderful selection of plants and trees of varying heights, species and colours chosen especially from Notcutts for this project, Clare will create the Choose Woodbridge Garden to represent an artist’s palette.

There will be a water component to represent the artist’s waterpot and the river on which Woodbridge resides. There will also be:

  • An oak tree to represent the Anglo Saxon replica longship being built in The Longshed using oak from the Royal Windsor Great Park.
  • An Apple tree to represent the food we can sustainably grow.
  • A bench to ponder and reflect for well- being and mindfulness. Surrounding the bench some scented herbs to give a sensory experience.

In the middle of the garden Monet himself will be painting his masterpiece.

Around the garden there will be more artists with their easels, painting the scene and doing caricatures of those who would like to be the subject of one.

Choose Woodbridge thank Notcutts for their kind generosity in enabling us to create this garden and hope that those who come past will stand for a moment or two and reflect on Monet’s best masterpiece, his garden, and enjoy Woodbridge- Unclogged.